A well maintained fountain or water feature can add beauty and personality to your commercial or residential property and should be a premier selling point. Maintaining the appearance and functionality of your fountain or water feature depends on several factors such as design, equipment, filtration, circulation, water treatment, water hardness, aeration, and environmental surroundings. South Coast Waters will assist you and recommend a service and maintenance schedule that will maintain the quality and appearance of your fountain or water feature year after year. We offer the following services:

  • Monthly Maintenance & Water Treatment Programs
  • Original Replacement Parts & Equipment
  • Pump and Motor Service & Repair
  • Electrical Service & Repair
  • Plumbing Service & Repair
  • Filter Cleaning & Repair
  • Pool and Spa Service & Repair
  • Restoration & Remodel
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Competitive Rates & Pricing

Architectural Restoration
Calcium build-up, effervescence, natural water hardness, aeration, and UV exposure will eventually ruin the appearance or your fountain or water feature. In addition to our regular maintenance and repair services, South Coast Waters offers a cleaning solution that can restore most fountain or water feature finishes using our eco-friendly media blasting system. Our cleaning system is used to restore all concrete, stone, wood, glass, tile and grout finishes and will not pit or etch any of these finish surfaces. The media blasting process is eco-friendly and will not damage surrounding landscaped areas, is Ph neutral and will not affect water chemistry, and is safe for drainage systems. Once we have completed the media blasting process, we apply a clear high quality water-based sealant that will help maintain the "natural look" of all finish surfaces.

Design & Construction
South Coast Waters can assist you with any size project from conceptual design to finished product. We install, build, and remodel all types of water features including various conventional fountains, small courtyard fountains, and uniquely designed water features with elaborate water displays and lighting.